How much did your parent earn from working in 2016?


These are questions 88 and 89 on the paper FAFSA.

Find the scenario that best fits your parent's tax filing status.

For tax filers:

IRS Form Enter Amount From Lines
1040 7 + 12 + 18* + Box 14 [Code A] of IRS Schedule K-1 (Form 1065)
1040A 7
1040EZ 1

Tax filers who are not self-employed should only use line 7.

*Lines 12 and 18 and Box 14 [Code A] of IRS Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) are for tax filers who are self-employed.

Note: If values from lines 12 or 18 or Box 14 [Code A] of IRS Schedule K-1 (Form 1065) are negative, treat them as zero when determining the income earned from work.

Note: The line numbers above are from the IRS tax form, not from the W-2 form.

If your parent did not file taxes, enter the total amount of earnings from work in 2016. Add up the earnings from the W-2 form and any other earning statements.

If your parent's 2016 income earned from work is:

Parent's Income from Work Enter
Ten million or more 9999999
Negative ten million or less -9999999
Zero 0

Round to the nearest dollar and do not include commas or decimal points.

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